8 Weeks to Wellness
Stop Struggling with Losing the Baby Weight... 
Start Feeling Confident, and Get Your Energy Back
In 8 Weeks to Wellness, I will walk you through how pregnant and nursing moms are using nutrition to finally start feeling amazing about their body again.
Are you a breastfeeding mother, feeling like "just a mom" and wishing you had your body back?

Or maybe you are pregnant and not sure how to avoid falling into old, bad habits?
I see you...
You're tired of the time-consuming meal planning, starving yourself, and just plain giving up on your health while pregnant and nursing...
Stuck in the the frustrating yo-yo starting and stopping of eating well for you and for baby...

And you know that if you could just find a way to feel good in your clothes, have confidence in your amazing body, and lose some of the baby weight...

You'll finally be able to have confidence in your amazing body.

Just like Natalie!
Let me explain…
Using a nutrition system instead of dieting or endless meal planning goals feels counterintuitive in the moment .
But don’t you think the stress of calorie-counting is just too much??
Something’s got to give. Especially when there’s an easy way to get your body and health back!
How much time are you spending:
  • Trying to overcome cravings (this is the last time, really!)
  • Struggling with inconsistency (snacking in the car, anyone?)
  • Feeling like an unmotivated slug
  • Lacking energy to deal with your kids
Don't waste your valuable time on all of this.

You should be spending it on enjoying your kids while they are little (ha!) and sleeping (yes!).

But Let's Be Real...
Dieting and Exercise Has NOT Been the Answer for You, Has it? 
Every time you’ve tried the latest diet in the past, one of these things happen:  
  • Too many things on your plate.
  • ​Get frustrated; feeling like this probably is just another thing that won’t work. 
  • ​No time to implement any kinda strategy.
  • ​Your husband and kids are picky &  you hate having to cook an additional meal just for yourself.
  • ​It feels impossible to make any changes when a newborn is the house.
  • ​It feels impossible to make lasting changes while you're pregnant.
Does this sound familiar?

I’ve helped others in your shoes many times before. 
What If I told You That There is a Way to Get Your Body - And Yourself - Back - And That It Just Requires A Nutritional System That No One Is Talking About?
Look, there are two types of moms
Type #1 is Moms who live with The Guilt.

The endless nights of no sleep are blurring together and when you do doze off, dreams of a hotel bed & room service fill your head.

But, the guilt of wanting alone time when you already don’t see your kids much takes your breath away, #momguiltisreal.

So much guilt. So you down another cup of coffee and press on. Even when it feels the exhaustion has seeped into your bones.

All moms are exhausted right? We wear it like a badge of honor.

Yet secretly feel envy for the mom that seems to have it all together and is ALWAYS on time for pick up. Maybe if I shed a couple pounds I’ll feel better?

Why does this happen? 

Because Moms with guilt are just responding to the hype. The social pressure of "enjoy this time - you'll never get it back" and the endless social media "highlight" reel of other, more perfect, moms.

But let’s talk about Type #2:

They’re the moms who stopped trying to achieve goals (like losing weight, being the Pinterest mom, or getting tons of likes on Facebook) and starting having a system to get to where they want to be.

Still, the question is….

Why are most moms stuck with the guilt?

Because they haven’t learned my methods for a nutritional system that gets them the body they want, the energy they need, to be the confident and amazing woman they have inside!

You are one healthy meal away from a good mood.
Aren't you tired of fad diets or feeling guilty over eating a cookie at the end of the day?  

Don't you wish that eating was simple & honest. Like Full House on a Friday evening, uncomplicated & always a happy ending.  

Unhealthy eating & crash diets will only propetuate the cycle of exhaustion & the nagging last 10lbs on your waitline.  

Learning to eat healthy doesn't have rocket science either. Infact, that's the whole reason I created the program.  

Let's take the guess work out of eating healthy & instead replace it with a simple framework that not only gives you your energy back but also redefines the women you see in the mirror.  
You Don’t need to be perfect, have a personal chef or tons of extra time to be able to have energy, feed your family healthy food & live a joyous life.

You DO need support, a clear plan & easy steps to take that will get you to a more energized spirit and joyous heart without any crazy diet plan or shakes. And I’ve got just the plan...

8 Weeks To Wellness will take you from overwhelmed, exhausted, & irritable to a mama that feels radiant, joyful & in love with life.

This isn’t just a course on how to eat healthy, it’s an approach on eating for wellbeing. We all know that food is what fuels us, but it’s easy to fall into bad habits, especially when we’re exhausted & overwhelmed.

This course will give practical steps to improving the food you’re already eating & support to make lasting change. 

Leaving you feeling more energized and ready to take on challenges with a happy heart. And who doesn’t want that?
Hi!  I'm Alasen and when I was 7 months pregnant with my second child, I hit a low point. 

I wasn’t sure how I would make it through the rest of the third trimester, given how run down I was already feeling. 

Maybe it was because I was exhausted from working in a high-stress, full-time job. Maybe it was because when I wasn’t working, I was wrangling a rambunctious toddler mostly on my own (who loved to wake up EVERY day at 4:30am!). 

Maybe it was because I was losing my sense of self to the monotony of every daily chores and a never-ending to-do list. 

Whatever the reason, I was run down, feeling unhealthy, unjoyful, and like I was a thousand years older than I actually was.

I hit a breaking point and knew something had to change.  
I dove head first into nutrition and how powerful good nutrition can be in restoring your health and vitality. 

Through some intense work and a lot of support over the next month, I came through this low point feeling healthier, happier, and more energetic by 8 months pregnant than I had at any point before then. 

The “normal” aches and pains of the third trimester vanished. I wasn’t relying on caffeine and sugar to make it through the day with my eyes semi-open and I could keep up with the toddler once again.

Now as a health & nutritional coach, I help other moms who are just like me with the steps, support, and guidance to get back to wellness & joy in their life. 
  The best way to feel good while pregnant & nursing
  A Detailed and Easy-to-follow Instructions, even for Newbie.
  Guided by Alasen a certified Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Coach.
 Having Alasen as a coach provided me with a level of accountability to the decisions I made and allowed me to ask questions about things I didn't understand. She was able to provide input from another busy mother of young kids that gets what my time constraints are. I’ve even lost a little weight. Have a much clearer vision of good food choices and that cooking healthy at home can be simple and quick. Being able to quickly think through food options and meal planning has helped my stress level decrease.
- Jenna
 I know so much more about food than before I began. I am looking much more to food as fuel and a way to be around for a long while with me kids! I was worried I wouldn’t have time, but the knowledge I gained was priceless.
- Kristin
 I was worried about being judged by strangers about my eating habits. Having you be my friend and my coach made it easy for me to feel comfortable!
- Linda
 We’re eating way more veggies and drinking a lot more water, eating way less sugar and processed food! Alasen is so knowledgeable as a coach! And so responsive even with your life being crazy!
- Jen
 I’m making better food choices and even getting my husband on board with some of them so we are cooking healthier. And I finally weighed myself this morning after going a little too crazy over the holidays and not exercising for the last 6 weeks and I only gained 1lbs. I’m very happy with that result and ready to take on 2019 with everything I’ve learned from the course.
- Alysse
 I would certainly recommend you, especially to someone starting out, looking for guidance and support, and for someone knowledgeable in the subject matter.
- Lindsey
If you are looking for a way to make lasting, healthy changes with ease and confidence, then this is the course for you!
Who's this course for?
This course is designed specifically for pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding, and new moms to help you to navigate the world of nutrition for yourself and your families. If you are a mom with kids under 5, this is for you. Are you one of the thousands of women who:
  • struggle with your weight and with what to eat in order to get your body to where you want it to be?
  • ​worry that dieting could ruin your breastfeeding relationship and feel stuck because of that? 
  • ​wakes up every day feeling like you could sleep another 8 hours and still not feel energized? 
  • ​is jealous of your toddler because they get to nap at daycare? 
  • ​struggling to feed yourself anything that isn’t in a package or takeout, since your full-time job and “mom duties” steal any time you have to cook and prep food? 
  • ​worry about the goldfish or other snacks that you are feeding your toddler and struggling to find a way to get them to eat a vegetable? 
  • ​feels like even if you were to make a healthy change, your partner and kids would resent you for it and there would be fights over dinner? 
  • ​is tired of cooking two or three meals to fit everyone’s preferences, so you resort to eating the chicken nuggets and Mac and cheese yourself? 
  • ​finds yourself sitting on the couch after the kids are in bed, eating a cupcake or bowl of ice-cream most nights?
“You know that an apple is healthier than a cookie, right? Well I help my clients learn how to want the apple instead of the cookie!”
5 Food Foundations To Healthy Eating
Hydration, Sugar, Veggies, Carbs, and Sweeteners

Learn the basics on what's hype & what isn't.
Learn to master these 5 and you'll be well on your way to eating healthy

#momhacks for saving time
You'll save loads of time cooking from home! (Yes, I'll show you how to whip up a nutritious home-cooked meal that your kids and partner will also love in just 10 minutes!

Guidance on mindset changes that will help you to get off of the dieting bandwagon forever 

Can I get an amen!

Access to me personally
I'll help answer questions on your personal situation, which effectively custom tailors the course to fit YOUR life!

A Private Facebook Group
Just for our small group of moms, where you can learn, celebrate, and conquer challenges together.   

Weekly Live Q & A
With me in the private Facebook Group. Ask questions & get the one on one support you need. 

Sign up by Sunday Nov 10th to get your Bonuses!

Nutritional Secret Weapon

Discover the nutritional secret weapon that works specifically with YOUR BODY by working with Alasen one-on-one for a FREE 30 minute consultation.

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 24/7 Support So You Don't Give Up

Lifetime access to our secret, private support group with a Alasen and a community of other moms working towards common health goals.

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Make Your Life Easier With Ready-Made Grocery List & Meal Plan

Hit the ground running with an easy to follow and low stress week of healthy meals that you AND your family will enjoy.

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What is the purpose of the course?
This is an 8 week program that is designed to help people make sustainable healthy nutrition changes in their lives. The course helps you change permanently for the better, without being an extreme shift from your regular life. If you are looking for a way to make lasting, healthy changes with ease and confidence, then this is the course for you!
Can I get a refund?
Due to the nature of the course there are no refunds.   But we do guarantee your satisfaction when you've done the work.   You will get out what you put in, just like most things in life.  Please feel free to email me at nutritiondoula@gmail.com if you have concerns or other questions. 
How much of a time commitment is the course?
The first week of the course, you can expect to spend 4-5 hours participating. This is because we go over the Nutrition Foundation lessons in the first week and it is important to take some time to read the content thoroughly. There are also 10 to 15 minute videos to watch during the first week.

After week one, you can expect to spend 1-2 hours per week on the course. Of course, we encourage you to be as engaged with the Facebook group as possible. The more engagement you have, the more you will get out of the course content!
Do you give out a meal plan?
No, we do not provide a meal plan for this class. The course is all about teaching you the basics of proper nutrition, so that you can choose the foods that are right for you and your family with confidence.
Are you going to make me eat weird foods?
Again, no. We encourage you to try a variety of foods and cooking methods, but ultimately YOU choose what foods you are your family will eat.
Will I be required to buy any shakes or supplements?
Absolutely not – 8 Weeks to Wellness is designed to teach you how to find the proper nutrition for your and your family without the use of shakes, supplements, or gimmicks. Everything you need to be successful in this course is already at the grocery store where you normally shop. There is no requirement to make any additional purchases for the course.
What are your qualifications for teaching this course?
I have attended the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and graduated in May of 2018 as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. This certification provided me with an in-depth knowledge of nutrition and health, as well as an understanding of 100 different dietary theories. I have worked professionally with clients for one year, helping them to make amazing healthy changes in their lives.
What if I will be on vacation for part of the course?
The best part about the 8 Weeks to Wellness program is that it is designed to work with every aspect of your life, including vacation! In fact, course members who have been on vacation or business travel during the course have found that being enrolled during this time has been especially helpful and educational.
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